BMW 2008 : 1 Series with  E81 and E87 code names.
BMW launched the new facelift 1 Series in 2007, introducing a 3-door sports hatch variant  E81  with mild hybrid technology as standard equipment, an Auto Start-Stop, Brake Energy Regeneration, Electric Power Steering and more...

BMW renewed the 1 Series in 2007  launching a 3-door sports hatch variant  E81. The model had  some facelifts in headlight and taillight, aquired new front & rear bumpers and the interior. The dashboard had some new features as recommended gear indicator on models with manual transmissions.
Soon coming models: 
2008- 128i: N52B30 2996 cc I6, 24 valves, 230 hp, 271 Nm (200 ftlbf) 
2008- 135i: N54B30 2979 cc I6, 24 valves, 306 hp/225 kW, 400 Nm (300 ftlbf)

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