BMW 2008 : 3 Series with E90,  E91,  E92,  E93 code names.
With it's model evolution, the BMW 3 Series has become the defining car and the base for all the future BMW models....

The BMW 3 series, E90 line, is the new body style presented by BMW as the sport sedan (E90), sport wagon (E91), sport coupe (E92), and sport coupe convertible (E93). The E90 series is completely re-designed from the E46. This model line has new engines and transmission. The passenger area now features more comfort. BMW 3 series has integrated a new suspension technology, adding the most High-Tech options.
Current BMW 3 series E models:
E90 - (2005) Sedan
E91 - (2006) Wagon
E92 - (2007) Coupé
E93 - (2007) Convertible

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