BMW 6 series, E63, 645Ci, 630i, 650i, 635d, 635i.
The 6 Series is a luxury sport coupé, currently available in the 650i version with a 4.8 L V8 producing 360 hp and the 630i version with a 3.0l R6 Straight Six engine (it was the first model to use this engine).

BMW 6-Series (E63) was first introduced in 2003 following the 8-Series' production. Based on the E60, the new 6-Series was introduced with a 4.4 L 325 hp V8 engine for the 645Ci. In 2004, an affordable inline 6-cylinder engine was mounted on the 630i. Very soon a convertible model E64 appears, the first 6-Series with a removable top. The range-topping V10 engine M6 arrived in late 2005 boasting 507 PS (373 kW).

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