The fifth generation Golf (VW Typ 1K) was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in October of 2003 and went on sale in Europe one month later. To commemorate this, Wolfsburg was renamed "Golfsburg" for a week. It reached North American markets in June 2006 rebadged with the revived Rabbit nameplate. Most print ads for the Rabbit show the old badge (a running rabbit) with the phrase "It's back, at $14,990." TV ads show Rabbits chasing after each other with their numbers increasing until they fill the streets of a city, a take on the cliche "multiplying like rabbits". In North America, where SEAT and Skoda are not marketed, Volkswagen sought to revive their image on that continent as a value brand, and the pricing of the new Rabbit was a part of that strategy. The Mark 5 is due to be replaced in 2009 by the Mark 6 in Europe and the UK mainly caused by expensive production. The U.S. may expect to see the Mark 6 by 2011.

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